A short but so very sweet month it was at Elvira's Garden. Solidifying our commitment to the outstanding group of kids in Coals Gap,St. David's, we launched our after-school program by hosting Youth Club every day from 3pm-6pm. Although we aren’t able to officially open just yet, it was a priority for us to offer consistency and deepen relationships in order to provide the best opportunities in the future. Transforming our car into a school bus, it became a highlight for staff to pass students on their way home from school and give them a lift back to the neighborhood. We absolutely loved seeing the primary school students with their special Independence Day uniforms - Grenada's robust spirit is contagious. The brilliance we are surrounded by became undoubtfully apparent during our homework assistance hour. As most of our staff did not attend school in Grenada, it has been intriguing to learn the lessons along with our kids and embrace the culture. Once homework is finished, kids love to swing on our custom bamboo chair, sing and dance to Soca music, and play group games around the garden. The children were thrilled to show off their creativity on our new white boards with intense hangman games, imaginative doodles, and even using the markers as nail polish. Several volunteers visited Elvira’s Garden throughout the month, sharing eagerness of our visions and positive feedback of our EGYC family! By mid-month it was time to make things a bit more legitimate, so we introduced our membership forms, astonished by the children's enthusiasm. To celebrate member initiations and a wonderful month at Elvira’s Garden, we loaded up two buses and took an adventure to Grand Anse beach! Our good friend Wally spent the day as captain of his glass-bottom boat where many kids overcame fears of the sea. We are so grateful to all staff and volunteers who made our first off-site event a huge success with nonstop splashing in the waves, jump tricks off the pier, and a delicious BBQ meal!

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