March was the month of welcomes as we brought on three new full-time staff members to the Elvira's Garden Team – Jenna, Allie, and Tarzan! Jenna is helping out as Miss Linda’s PA and quickly became a best friend of the kids at Elvira’s garden. Allie is our talented gardener who impressively built our bamboo bar and temporary classroom structure - which saves our fun when the rain falls. Tarzan takes great initiative in functionality tasks around the garden and incorporates his passion of health and fitness with the kids by sharing workouts and nutritious snacks like Tania log. With the windy season in full swing, kids showed off their kite making skills all month long. Our volunteer, Maria, taught us all new group games, allowing us to bond through so much laughter. Another friend of EGYC, Jamie, hosted a karaoke night where we uncovered true talent on the mic! During the month we began experimenting with our menu, providing a small meal for the kids every day. The highlight of the month was our Easter camp which we held during the day as kids were on school holiday. We challenged each other in football matches and relay races at La Sagesse pasture, jumped waves at the beach, cooled off by smashing water balloons, got artistic with Easter arts & crafts, and competed in a great big Easter egg hunt! A week full of adventures and holiday cheer was a perfect way to end the month!

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