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To create a safe and fun space for community engagement,
emphasis being on supporting healthy and well-rounded child development.

To provide equitable opportunities to many communities in Grenada and serve both locals and tourists with an organic experience through our sustainable garden. Through our Youth Centre, we aim to promote positivity, equality, loyalty and growth. We are here to support children's transition into youth in 4 key areas: Socializing & Fun, Health & well-being, Community engagement, and College & Career readiness.

  There is an Elvira's Garden Café and Bar at our Headquarters at the Carenage. We hope this venue will provide us with a place to carry out fundraising activities for EGYC.  Along with our location in Coals Gap it is available to rent for any party/function. We can tailor the package at each location to suit your needs in terms of music, decorations, food and bar.

Over 100 years  Elvira raised her family on this land and when she passed away, she gave her son, Christopher who then passed ownership onto his daughter Linda. Our family history stimulates our passion and love for the spice island and its people.  Primarily, it has become an open space where engagement and opportunities to give back to the surrounding communities of Coals Gap. It is a unique space called Elvira's Garden.
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Our Elvira's Garden Youth Centre located in St. David's features:
2 swimming pools, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 2 storage rooms, a stage/meeting area,
a playground (set-up in progress) and 2 showers (in progress).
Long-term, we are striving to open an Elvira's Garden facility in each parish in Grenada.

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