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International Volunteers Information

Grenada is a small volcanic island in the Caribbean. It has many amazing beaches and is host to the Grand Etang rainforest. Grenada is known as the Island of Spice due to its high production of nutmeg. It is still one of the least spoilt islands of the Caribbean. Elvira's Garden has 2 locations in the South of the island in 2 of the 6 Parishes, St David's and St George's.

Our project allows volunteers to gain hands-on experience with day-to-day

"local" life in Grenada and contribute massively to the impact of young

people here on this tiny but beautiful island.

Volunteers get the opportunity to educate and build social skills of

young people within our Youth Centre, gaining an insight into

the agriculture of Grenada and participating in our

many avenues of fundraising within the

local community.

To book your place on the project email us at or


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We have space for volunteers all year round, with April, July & August being our key months when working with children full time. August is also a key month for bar and chef work as that is when Grenada celebrates its amazing carnival. Volunteers have the option to work in many different departments due to how expansive our project is so please do get in touch no matter what your skills/interests are.


We have the opportunity to take on volunteers from overseas for 2 - 12 weeks. We provide: staff meals, accommodation, airport transfer, training and supervision and project t-shirts. Flights, travel/medical insurance and personal expenses are not included in the cost. It is mandatory for you to take out travel and medical insurance for the duration of your time here with us.

Photos of the accommodation are below: (Please note accommodation is shared/communal)


​​Your first night with us will be spent at our restaurant and bar on the Carenage in St George's town with fellow new and present volunteers along with Elvira's Garden staff getting to know each other. The next day will be a morning for you to unpack, relax and familiarise yourself with what we call "Volunteer Village" which is located in Woburn, St George's. The afternoon will be an orientation of the local area and a tour of the Community Centre located in Coals Gap, St David's followed by a popular cool down dip in the ocean on La Sagesse beach before dinner.

You will then spend your volunteering time carry out many different tasks (these will highly depend on the time of year you are with us) such as working with the children either at After School Club or one of our Holiday Camps, helping with the maintenance of our Farming land, school visits, fundraising events including our car wash on Sundays, and community awareness days.


On your days off (which will vary each week to allow you to see all the island has to offer) you will have a list of interesting activities you can do such as explore the lush rainforests, cooling waterfalls, spice markets, cocoa plantations, rum distilleries, snorkelling and much more!

The volunteer fee is $300 USD (approx. £240 GBP) per week. This cost largely goes towards helping us keep our project going for example we provide all of the children with a free meal everyday at our After School Club, we employ local staff for times when we don't have any volunteers and we also provide field trips for the children as some of them do not get to go exploring without us facilitating it.  Also your fee covers the basic costs to provide each volunteer with all food, travel, and the utility bills at the accommodation site etc.


We ask that all volunteers be animal friendly as we have 3 rescue puppies from here in Grenada, a Labrador who came with us from London and a rescue tortoise. Furthermore our future plans include opening a small petting zoo for the children.


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